Trinisys Welcomes Steve Steuart as National Sales Representative

Brentwood, TN (April 9, 2019) – In direct response to market demand, Trinisys LLC has made the strategic decision to increase its workforce. In addition to hiring technical roles, the firm is adding national sales representatives to enhance its market presence.

Effective immediately, Steve Steuart will join the company and previously worked in a national sales capacity with an electronic health record vendor the last three years. Steve will be responsible for new business development for Trinisys on the west coast.

Jay Cannon, Principal, said: “Our valued clients who desire to proactively archive legacy clinical and financial information are the reason we are able to expand our team and deepen our bench strength. The recent awards and industry recognition has been amazing for our brand exposure. However, we recognize these accolades are a direct result of resilient focus by superior talent accessing superior technology.” 

Trinisys delivers its solution with three pillars of purpose that are resonating in the medical provider community and are the drivers of its rapid expansion: Reducing Cost, Improving Quality and Ensuring Security and Compliance. Mr. Cannon continued: “Trinisys is focused on expansion at this time of dramatic change in the healthcare arena.  While the economy remains strong, we are observing a steady flow of mergers and acquisitions that create change in the healthcare IT space, and we are at the right place at the right time to capitalize on the opportunity with our proven software tool, Clearview Legacy Archive Solution. I’m proud of our talented team and the execution they have consistently delivered, and look forward to observing our continued upward trajectory.”

Sean O’Donnell, Vice President of Sales, added: “Trinisys is fortunate to be in a city with abundant healthcare talent. We have identified an individual with deep knowledge and experience that will allow us to quickly expand our market share.”  

Trinisys delivers clinical and financial legacy data archival solutions to medical providers all across the country.  The Clearview Legacy Archive Solution software application is sold on a software as a service basis or a perpetual offering.  If a healthcare provider has acquired another entity or has invested in a new electronic health record system, Trinisys is able to convert, connect and combine the historical data into the new electronic health record to make it available to the various stakeholders.  Clearview Legacy Archive Solution enables the provider to decommission the legacy database generating significant cost savings, while making sure the previous patient encounters are made available to the clinical providers and health information management staff quickly and efficiently.

“As a growth stage company, Trinisys believes we must expand intelligently.  Even though we will add additional staff in the near future, onboarding the right people for the right seat within our unique culture is critically important. I’m confident Steve will fit in with our existing, high performing sales team and contribute to our inevitable growth,” Mr. O’Donnell said.

About Trinisys

Trinisys, the 2019 NTC Technology Company of the Year, is a leading provider of enterprise data migration, integration and web application solutions for healthcare and other major industries. Trinisys has 15 years of experience perfecting rapid and reliable custom software implementations that convert, connect and combine data to automate manual processes, extend existing systems and develop web solutions that improve processes and optimize resources. Trinisys connects systems to systems and people to systems.  For more information on Trinisys and its products, visit