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Clinical Historical Record Management

As one of the nation’s leading operators of acute care hospitals, its affiliates own, operate or lease more than a hundred hospitals in the U.S. This vibrant and growing organization, consistently acquires new health partners in a quest to deliver more collaborative and extensive healthcare in the communities they serve.

The leadership team faced a tough choice: Follow in the footsteps of most of their competition and do nothing about the fact that patient data was siloed in dozens of legacy systems, or attempt a massive data conversion and consolidation project.

When faced with managing patient data, hospital organizations once believed they only had three choices: Convert some, convert none, or convert all of the information.

The hospital organization got creative and went with Trinisys ClearView. Since the ClearView deployment, the organization has been able to accomplish in two months what would have taken two years – consolidating more than 42-million documents across ten facilities and six databases.

Today, the clinical staff logs into a single portal to access information from a variety of systems. Instead of having to reference several applications, the staff can easily and quickly get a consolidated view of the patient profile. Trinisys ClearView serves up a standardized view of historical information including medication history, admissions information, test results and more.

Trinisys ClearView is unique in that data is preserved in legacy systems and presented to the end user in a unified, easy-to-access format.

The results speak for themselves. The hospital management company expects to save $20 million in annual maintenance costs and increase efficiency by 60%.


With Trinisys ClearView, a national hospital corporation expects to save $20 million in annual maintenance costs and increase efficiency by 60% by eliminating expenses associated with maintaining hundreds of EHR systems.