Trinisys Q1 2014 Software Release Notes


This document is a reference for the items that were updated during the latest release of the Trinisys Business Automation Platform. The updates listed in this document are grouped by product/component.  Installation information is available upon request.

Release Date

1st Quarter 2014

Version Summary

  • Trinisys Server 5.0
  • Web Development Platform 1.6
  • Form Extensions 3.9
  • HL7 Integration 1.7
  • OnBase Integration 5.0


Trinisys Server 5.0

  • Trinisys Server 5.0 released with complete user interface design refresh.
  • TDES-1710 – Fixed: Oracle INSERT … SELECT .. statements no longer work
  • TDES-1806 – Fixed: Dynamic Multi Values don’t retain selected values
  • TDES-1829 – Fixed: Style settings not being rendered correctly in IE9
  • TDES-1833 – Added: Expand rule condition value sizes
  • TDES-1837 – Fixed: Form Data Lookup Result Links Don’t Work
  • TDES-1840 – Fixed: Forms with many rules effecting large numbers of groups are slow
  • TDES-1847 – Added: Add Reply To Functionality to Email Action
  • TDES-1849 – Fixed: Error Message for Required Dynamic Lists
  • TDES-1901 – Fixed: Webform.js’s performRequiredField function is not adding the tde-field-requred class to the conditionally required field’s label

Web Development Platform 1.6

  • SWAT-131 – Fixed: Calls to dialog without a callback function added in fail to load properly the second time through
  • SWAT-222 – Added: Support TE API Documentation
  • SWAT-223 – Added: Support Changeable Token Keys
  • SWAT-228 – Fixed: Remove the warning messages on SWAT Publish Scripts
  • SWAT-229 – Fixed: Using Session with Multipage causes issues on Packet Submission

Form Extensions 3.9

  • FORMEXT-30 – Added: Change updateForm action to set FORM_RECOGNITION attribute

HL7 Integration 1.7

  • HL-33 – Added: Z Segment Support

OnBase Integration 5.0

  • ONBASE-13 – Added: Update all actions to the ODN Private API (Unity API)