Trinisys Q2 2014 Software Release Notes


This document is a reference for the items that were updated during the latest release of the Trinisys Business Automation Platform. The updates listed in this document are grouped by product/component.  Installation information is available upon request.

Release Date

2nd Quarter 2014

Version Summary

  • Trinisys Server 5.1
  • Web Development Platform 1.6.1
  • Form Extensions 3.10


Trinisys Server 5.1

  • Added: New feature to allow Form Data Lookups to use Script-based results (instead of SQL only results)
  • Added: New Data View control for tabular display of data – configurable with sorting, filtering, pagination, columns and many more options.
  • Added: Script editor now has Intelligent Code Completion feature.
  • TDES-1515 – Fixed: Query View Issues
  • TDES-1809 – Fixed: Dynamic Multi Values don’t retain selected values
  • TDES-1818 – Fixed: DMS – search Results ‘refresh’ icon doesn’t work (at least what I’d expect)
  • TDES-1819 – Added: Installer – Update It To Upgrade The Tdes Conf For Changes To FDL Handler
  • TDES-1820 – Fixed: Wrong tooltip text in workflow confirm delete page
  • TDES-1822 – Fixed: Button URL in template doesn’t handle Ampersands
  • TDES-1823 – Fixed: Script Error Data Table – on next page, the form name / note doesn’t work
  • TDES-1824 – Fixed: Insert Action Insert Wizard with no datasource selected => NPE
  • TDES-1825 – Fixed: User is prompted to save changes for number field when no changes have been made
  • TDES-1826 – Fixed: Intellisense not working for *.api included content
  • TDES-1827 – Fixed: Error Messages/Messages – Because the messages are being escaped now the messages contain HTML element tags in them.
  • TDES-1828 – Fixed: ActiveX Controls Not Firing Events
  • TDES-1829 – Fixed: Style settings not being rendered correctly in IE9
  • TDES-1830 – Fixed: Configure Image Handler Does Not Update Properly
  • TDES-1831 – Fixed: Rules editor – “or” flips to “and” after adding new condition and moving between existing rules on a field
  • TDES-1832 – Added: Custom Characters Support with non Custom Only group
  • TDES-1833 – Added: Expand rule condition value sizes
  • TDES-1835 – Fixed: Template Editor List Box Item Count Style set to 0 – Error
  • TDES-1836 – Fixed: Configure Server Handler Implementation has 2 HTML Form elements but a single submit button
  • TDES-1837 – Fixed: Form Data Lookup Result Links Don’t Work
  • TDES-1838 – Fixed: Default Style Should Have Blank Row After Group Off
  • TDES-1839 – Fixed: Copying Multiple Groups does not Preserve Group Styles on Paste
  • TDES-1841 – Fixed: Data tables – html tags count for each row – can’t filter on HR (because HREF)
  • TDES-1842 – Fixed: SQLParser Not Handling SELECT List Aliases With Brackets [Example] Surrounding Them
  • TDES-1843 – Fixed: Rules are firing for field changes when the field did not change
  • TDES-1844 – Fixed: TDES 5+ — Template/Script Filter doesn’t work with “Select All” Checkbox
  • TDES-1845 – Added: Ability to not run rules during load
  • TDES-1846 – Added: Update File Types on Template Editor to include Excel
  • TDES-1848 – Fixed: Inconsistent UI look-and-feel on Users page
  • TDES-1849 – Fixed: Error Message for Required Dynamic Lists
  • TDES-1850 – Fixed: After Set Variable action Save, scroll bar resets to top of page
  • TDES-1851 – Fixed: TDES 5 History Filter
  • TDES-1852 – Fixed: Send Email action won’t let you focus id/description fields
  • TDES-1853 – Fixed: FireFox Key Stroke Weirdness
  • TDES-1856 – Fixed: Some JDBC Drivers duplicate columns
  • TDES-1857 – Fixed: Path incorrect for spacer.gif –
  • TDES-1860 – Fixed: Allow JS files to be viewed in TE
  • TDES-1862 – Fixed: Screen crash when attempting to add column mapping for script based fdl
  • TDES-1863 – Fixed: Deleting A FDL Fails
  • TDES-1865 – Fixed: Query View – leaving ‘Target Script Variables’ blank keeps you from testing the script
  • TDES-1866 – Fixed: FDL Query View – Script error: Message is yucky, has html href in in it
  • TDES-1867 – Fixed: More than 4 conditions or actions causes a TE crash
  • TDES-1868 – Fixed: FDL Query View – Scripts that do not return any results cause NPE in test screens, Ajax error in Webform
  • TDES-1869 – Fixed: FDL Script Based Query – mapping Target Script Variables has ‘Environment’, ‘User Defined’, ‘Read Only’ variables available in the drop down

Web Development Platform 1.6.1

  • SWAT-234 – Fixed: SWAT Generated Token Based URLs Fail

Form Extensions 3.10

  • FORMEXT-31 – Added: New UpdateTemplateVersion Action