Trinisys Q3 2014 Software Release Notes


This document is a reference for the items that were updated during the latest release of the Trinisys Business Automation Platform. The updates listed in this document are grouped by product/component.  Installation information is available upon request.

Release Date

3rd Quarter 2014

Version Summary

  • Trinisys Server 5.2
  • Web Development Platform 1.7
  • Web Tier 1.0
  • Document Generation 3.7
  • Form Extensions 3.11


Trinisys Server 5.2

  • Added:  All Trinisys Server form values are now encrypted at rest in the database.  This feature is always enabled and does not require any coding or configuration by the developer or administrator.
  • TDES-1568 – Fixed: When changing an existing user from “Authenticating” against TDES internal database to LDAP you get an error
  • TDES-1872 – Fixed: Database order of columns not retained in insert wizard
  • TDES-1873 – Fixed: Read-only option lists show value instead of label
  • TDES-1875 – Fixed: 500 error when a DataView is placed inside a Group with Display Children set to Horizontally
  • TDES-1877 – Fixed: Webform.js’s performRequiredField function is not adding the tde-field-required class to the conditionally required field’s label
  • TDES-1878 – Fixed: Cannot save forms with dynamic option list fields – will not validate
  • TDES-1879 – Fixed: External resource is referenced in header –
  • TDES-1880 – Added: Secure Custom Action Server Config Fields
  • TDES-1881 – Added: Secure Environment Variables
  • TDES-1883 – Fixed: Button component click events do not work in FireFox when “Link” style is selected
  • TDES-1885 – Fixed: File fields complain of changes when there are none
  • TDES-1886 – Fixed: DataView display style
  • TDES-1887 – Fixed: File Upload Style not right
  • TDES-1888 – Added: SAML Support
  • TDES-1889 – Added: Secure Fields in TE/PS
  • TDES-1890 – Added: Latest .NET documentation to release
  • TDES-1891 – Fixed: Column “Display Type” is not preserved when copying a Data View component
  • TDES-1892 – Fixed: XML Encoding Issue
  • TDES-1893 – Added: Auto refresh to Configure Server
  • TDES-1894 – Added: Debug “Checkbox Capability” to Configure Server
  • TDES-1895 – Added: Perm Gen Options to Configure Server
  • TDES-1896 – Added: Password Hashes Strength
  • TDES-1897 – Added: Strong password requirement
  • TDES-1900 – Fixed: Other Actions pop-up covers menu in script editor
  • TDES-1902 – Added: Support SMTP username/password on our email action
  • TDES-1903 – Added: Support for passing numbers to XXXExists function for loop processing
  • TDES-1904 – Added: De-obfuscate some additional classes for an advanced custom action
  • TDES-1905 – Fixed: Diagnostics page blows up (rare)
  • TDES-1907 – Added: Add Quick Links to logs, config, etc for the server

Web Development Platform 1.7

  • SWAT-235 – Added: SAML Support
  • SWAT-236 – Fixed: Token Auth doesn’t work when path is root site
  • SWAT-237 – Fixed: Token “Other Properties” not available from Auth publish script
  • SWAT-238 – Fixed: FDL Exports are no longer working TDES 5.1
  • SWAT-239 – Fixed: Export URL Doc
  • SWAT-240 – Fixed: SWAT Custom Actions Pollute TDES Logs With Info Messages
  • SWAT-241 – Fixed: Memory Leak with Checksum / Bouncy Castle
  • SWAT-242 – Fixed: swat.exportDataViewUrl method passes incorrectly named parameter
  • SWAT-243 – Fixed: Styles installed with SWAT need updating

Web Tier 1.0

  • TDES-1899 – Added: Trinisys Wrapped Apache Proxy

Document Generation 3.7

  • DOCGEN-16 – Added: Feature – ConvertToTiff via ICA
  • DOCGEN-17 – Added: Update installer to use TDES version

Form Extensions 3.11

  • FORMEXT-35 – Added: Remote Get Media action
  • FORMEXT-36 – Added:  Ability to set form attributes on create