Q1 2014 Software Release

Trinisys reveals its latest updates to the core product, the Business Automation Platform.

New features are listed below:

  • First major overhaul to the Trinisys Platform’€™s web interface,
  • Major Java Scripting enhancements to the Template Editor
  • Almost 20 minor bug fixes and enhancements spanning 5 of our products.

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Release schedule

Releases will be quarterly and provide Trinisys clients dozens of exclusive new and updated features. With these enhancements, Trinisys will continue to enable companies to further streamline their processes and, in turn, drive both revenue and customer loyalty. The Trinisys solution was developed in partnership with actual businesses; what was discovered helped create solutions that can be used across the entire enterprise.

For more information regarding how Trinisys can offer a solution for you please go to our website; or contact us.