The premiere data integration and automation platform

Through the Convergence platform, we have enabled clients to build solutions that: Convert, Connect and Combine. Convergence helps businesses innovate & develop solutions to maximize data for greater organizational impact.

Reduced Time to Market

Rapidly assemble custom applications.


Extend systems past limitations by adding features, functionality, and supporting scale.

Cross System Connectivity

Extensible platform that provides flexibility to meet any software, system or database solution.

System-to-System Data Conversion Solutions

Change is hard enough without adding the headaches of tackling major system conversions or the hurdles of migrating off of outdated legacy systems. Through the Convergence platform, our Convert solutions are built to get you up and running quickly. We simplify the complex processes of getting data from point A to point B, and remove the barriers typically encountered when dealing with data in disparate formats. Convert solutions can also propel your transition into a paperless work environment by providing the tools for backlog processing and high volume paper-to-digital data conversions. Eliminate manual data entry and generate measurable cost savings using our powerful technology that allows you to extract, transform & deliver data to drive efficiency throughout your organization.

Ideal For:

  • System Conversions: we’ve worked with most commercial market applications
  • Completing EDI and ETL processing
  • Leveraging an advanced HL7 interface engine
  • Supporting custom APIs


  • ROI: Greater productivity & efficiency
  • Optimization: Increased value of existing IT investments
  • Simplicity: Eliminate non-essential legacy systems & associated costs

People-to-System Communication

For projects that reach outside the organization for interaction with employees, clients or vendors; our Connect solutions offer rapid web form development and implementation that integrates directly into backend systems through the Convergence platform. Connect solutions are for employee or client surveys, onboarding, reviews or any data validation requirements. Connect solutions also offer highly configurable workflow tools, role-based data views and extensive audit tracking to support paperless application processes and quote or billing presentation. And we don’t stop there—Connect’s industrial strength document generation solutions close the loop, empowering you to automate correspondence by using easy to define Word and pdf templates and your choice of delivery formats from fax to email and mobile.

Ideal For:

  • Eliminating cumbersome manual processes
  • Integrating and capturing real-time data
  • Customized data prioritization & presentation
  • Satisfying required data sharing via connections


  • Speed: Reduce process cycle time
  • Focus: Eliminate “noise” of non-essential data & processes
  • Empowerment: Enable execution of data-dependent critical tasks

Ongoing Data Utilization & Presentation

Complex business systems are routinely challenged by disconnected repositories of data resulting in out of sync information. Though the Convergence platform, our Combine solutions bridge the gap between systems to keep data flowing smoothly within and between organizations. Our robust data translation engine guarantees delivery and ensures that your vital information can securely and efficiently be consumed across the enterprise. Combine solutions lower the cost of data management and maximize the utility of existing systems.

Ideal For:

  • Scheduling batch processes to push or pull data
  • Intaking or routing data in almost any format or source
  • Compliance monitoring via built-in extensive audit tracking
  • Storing documents, forms, policies & letters
  • Supporting EDW dev and pop health programs
  • Comprehensive data accessibility via dashboards


  • Clarity: Experience streamlined data views
  • Productivity: Eliminate data consumption and aggregation steps
  • Quality: Ensure data integrity and consistency

Convergence Integrations

Build vs Buy

When looking to make software investments, companies are often faced with the decision of Buy VS. Build. But what if there is a happy medium, the best of the buy AND the build... that'€™s Trinisys Convergence.

  • Buy

    • Pay for functionality you don't need
    • Rigid feature list, lack of customization
    • Expensive per ticket support models, offshored call centers
    • Additional charge for each system connected
    • Have to go back to the vendor for each change
    • Narrow feature focus and limited versatility
    • Expensive conversions and replacements required to put into place
  • Trinisys

    • Rapid time to market
    • Custom fit solution
    • Knowledge Base and Live support
    • Unlimited connectivity
    • Make changes without vendor involvement
    • Maximize reuse and extensible via Trinisys API
    • Leverage existing investments and extend systems already in place
  • Build

    • Requires development team
    • Slow time to market
    • Must be supported internally
    • Obligation to maintain in house
    • Competes with other in-house development projects
    • Start from scratch with every project
    • Integration can be challenging

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