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We support organizations and the consultants and vendors who partner with them

Trinisys knows partnerships. We collaborate with dozens of system consultants and vendors, and we know the right ones to recommend for your data management needs. Complete this data questionnaire and we’ll connect you with the proper strategic partner.

Interested in becoming an Integration Partner, Value Added Reseller, or Referral Partner with Trinisys? Let’s talk.

Integration Partners

A connection that becomes part of your offering

Interested in becoming a Trinisys Integration Partner and turbocharging existing product offerings with the power to easily Convert, Connect, and Combine? Trinisys fills gaps, is easy-to-use, future proofs existing software investments and accepts all software, data structures and formats. When powered by Trinisys, organizations are able to create long-term relationships with clients that:

  • Accelerate time to launch complex projects
  • Differentiate your service, support and solutions from competitors
  • Expand opportunities within existing client relationships

How much could your organization gain by staying connected to clients without a significant investment in capital and time to expand your product features?

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Value Added Resellers

An excellent addition to expand your current product portfolio

With Trinisys, Value Added Reseller partners can rapidly package their expertise with market leading technologies to solve integration challenges better than their competitors. The Trinisys Value Added Reseller program provides partners the opportunity to expand their product offering suites with minimal investment and effort. Allow your clients to fills gaps with ease-of-use and future proofs software. With Trinisys, organizations are able to create long-term relationships with clients that:

  • Create new and add-on opportunities with the existing client base
  • Rapidly develop innovative solutions
  • Generate new revenue streams

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Referral Partners

Generate financial rewards by making systems work better across your client's entire organization

The Trinisys Referral Program offers the ability to earn revenue for each prospect submitted who becomes a Trinisys client. The Trinisys Referral Program provides partners the opportunity to refer a client to Trinisys with minimal investment and effort. Allowing their client to take advantage of all of the platform capabilities. Key program benefits include:

  • Requires no investment in training or integration time
  • No need for the staff and knowledge required to sell or implement Trinisys software
  • Simple lead registration process
  • Receive regular updates on Trinisys solutions and technology
  • Full support from the Trinisys Business Development, Implementation and Technology teams

Know of a client that might benefit from the ability to connect systems to systems or people to systems? Submitting a referral form is easy!

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