Trinisys has an extensive library of templates and experience with over 200 practice management systems to ensure rapid deployment times. This proven and scalable digital health solution has facilitated billions of data transactions and has successfully assisted in improving patient outcomes, data quality, and workplace efficiency.

The healthcare industry has made significant advancements in how data is created, stored, and shared, but how information is exchanged across disparate systems and entities still comes with its challenges. Digital Health enabled by Trinisys is the superior interoperability solution for health systems. The comprehensive digital health solution is a trusted, industry-certified platform that converts, connects, and combines data to make it consumable across the entire organization or multiple entities.

Convergence provides system connectors, workflows, and custom actions to deliver a unique offering armed with powerful capabilities that clinical teams can utilize to seamlessly connect various departments to numerous source systems quickly and efficiently.

Digital Health enables organizational digital health initiatives leveraging Convergence’s existing system integrations library, data translation tools, and automated workflow capabilities and allows providers to successfully manage and exchange data, document, and demonstrate results.

Benefits of Digital Health

Maximize your return on investment and drive organizational growth with Trinisys’ rapid and reliable deployment model.

Improve care coordination, clinical team transitions, patient care, and outcomes by seamlessly accessing the comprehensive patient profile and secure sharing capabilities.

Scale the technology to meet the needs of organizations as they grow and evolve, without technological hiccups.

Gain a footprint on all user activity with the platform-level security and advanced end-to-end audit capabilities and reporting tools.

Trinisys has unparalleled experience with over 185 practice management systems and is mainly focused on the Healthcare IT market, making us a demonstrated leader in supporting hospitals and health systems.

5 major components to Digital Health


Trinisys aggregates data from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive view into each patient’s history and account, allowing clinicians and organizations to coordinate care, patient, and financial outcomes.


Sifting through high volumes of disparate data in various formats is time consuming and cumbersome for staff. The digital health solution bridges the gaps between systems by normalizing clinical, financial, and operational data into a standardized format.


Trinisys solutions have advanced end-to-end auditing capabilities to add a layer of security to all data. This audit trail provides organizations with a footprint of all user activity and detailed reporting functionality.


Placing data from various sources into a proper and consumable format ensures data quality and completeness.


Through the use of system connectors, data is seamlessly fed and loaded into the digital health platform for easy and secure access.

Build vs Buy

When looking to make software investments, companies are often faced with the decision of Buy VS. Build. But what if there is a happy medium, the best of the buy AND the build... that's Trinisys Convergence.

  • Buy

    • Pay for functionality you don't need
    • Rigid feature list, lack of customization
    • Expensive per ticket support models, offshored call centers
    • Additional charge for each system connected
    • Have to go back to the vendor for each change
    • Narrow feature focus and limited versatility
    • Expensive conversions and replacements required to put into place
  • Trinisys

    • Rapid time to market
    • Custom fit solution
    • Knowledge Base and Live support
    • Unlimited connectivity
    • Make changes without vendor involvement
    • Maximize reuse and extensible via Trinisys API
    • Leverage existing investments and extend systems already in place
  • Build

    • Requires development team
    • Slow time to market
    • Must be supported internally
    • Obligation to maintain in house
    • Competes with other in-house development projects
    • Start from scratch with every project
    • Integration can be challenging

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