Cumberland Consulting Group to Offer Legacy System Data Management Services Powered by Trinisys

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 20, 2016) – Cumberland Consulting Group, a healthcare advisory, process improvement, information technology implementation and support services firm, announces the launch of legacy system data management services powered by Trinisys, a healthcare data automation and integration solutions platform. This new offering combines trusted advisory consulting services with an innovative data-archiving platform to help healthcare organizations successfully manage enterprise healthcare information technology (HIT) conversion projects.

“€œAs organizations implement or inherit new HIT systems, they must determine what to do with the data in a legacy system that’€™s where we come in,”€ said Brian Cahill, CEO of Cumberland Consulting Group. “€œOur legacy data management service offering meets the growing needs of our clients to cost effectively manage the migration, retention and access of legacy data in enterprise environments. Through our relationship with Trinisys, we are able to offer our clients a secure and accessible archiving and integration platform in addition to our strategic consulting services.”€

Cumberland’€™s legacy system data management solutions will help providers decrease their total cost of ownership by eliminating infrastructure support and maintenance costs for retired systems and increase productivity through seamless access to legacy data. In addition, providers will reduce their risks of compromised data through secure storage on the Trinisys Convergence platform.

“€œCumberland is a well-respected leader in strategic and comprehensive advisory services for the healthcare space,”€ said Antoine Agassi, chairman and CEO at Trinisys. “€œWe are excited to work with the Cumberland team to assist providers in addressing critical data management challenges that often result from system replacement projects, mergers and acquisitions.”€

As a part of its legacy system data management service offering, Cumberland will assess providers’€™ IT environments and create customized road maps that can be incorporated into system migration projects. The firm will advise clients on answering important questions, such as which legacy systems should be kept operational and which should be decommissioned, what data needs to be retained, and how users will need to access the data.

About Cumberland Consulting Group
Founded in 2004, Cumberland Consulting Group is a strategic business advisory, process improvement, information technology implementation and support services firm serving the payer, provider and life sciences healthcare verticals. Cumberland’s objectives are to help its clients advance the quality of services they deliver and to improve their overall business performance. For more information on Cumberland, visit or follow Cumberland on Twitter at@CumberlandCG.

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