Trinisys LLC Solves Critical Access Hospital Closure Data Retention Needs

Brentwood, TN (March 4, 2019) – In a first of its kind offering, the Government Solutions division of Trinisys, LLC is expanding its current legacy data archival product suite with a platform designed specifically to address electronic medical record retention for critical access hospitals that have been closed or are targeted for closure.

Over the last few years many rural/critical access hospitals have closed and there are federal and state statues that demand the proper retention and distribution of these electronic records. Trinisys LLC, CEO, Antoine Agassi said: “It’s a patient continuity of care issue. These rural entities have an obligation that may be going unmet without an external vendor partner that is able to ensure a seamless integration of clinical and financial data. State statues clearly outline the requirement for hospitals to deliver its records in good order and properly indexed for convenient reference to the State Health Department which stores, retains, retires, and provides access to the information in the same manner as is provided by the hospitals.”

The ClearView HRV platform is ideally suited to support the proper custody of the healthcare data to ensure a longitudinal record for the closed facilities. Typically, the State Health Department, local municipality and/or a not-for-profit association is seeking our assistance.  As the industry evolves, the Government Solutions division within Trinisys has developed safe, secure and easily accessible tools that yield compliant workflow solutions to respond to this need.

“According to North Carolina Rural Health Research Program, 95 rural hospitals closed between January 2010 and January 2019.  Since ClearView HRV is already being used by some of the largest healthcare facilities across the country, Trinisys is well poised to quickly and efficiently solve the data retention for these closed facilities,” said Sean O’Donnell, VP Sales.

About Trinisys

Trinisys, 2019 NTC Technology Company of the Year, is a leading provider of enterprise data migration, integration and web application solutions for healthcare and other major industries. Trinisys has 15 years of experience perfecting rapid and reliable custom software implementations that convert, connect and combine data to automate manual processes, extend existing systems and develop web solutions that improve processes and optimize resources. Trinisys connects systems to systems and people to systems.

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Sean O’Donnell

Vice President, Sales