Overview of Convergence 2019

As innovators, we continually strive to make our technology easier to use and deploy to accelerate your ROI. Trinisys is pleased to announce the release of our Convergence 2019 integration platform, loaded with with new features designed to convert ideas into actions and streamline development team collaborations, making continuous delivery and deployment better than ever.

Curious as to what changed? Here’s a quick overview of our recent update:


The redesigned one-page Script Editor is loaded with features that will consolidate and group similar code, greatly reducing the amount that needs to be created and maintained. Check out these new additions:

  • Global Functions have been introduced increasing performance and efficiency
  • Macros can now be used to significantly shorten scripts
  • Deep search functionality has been added to search the all text on the pages of the script tab of the template editor
  • Templates and script versions can be compared and will show the date and user of the most recent change

Project Tracking System

Developers who work in teams – these upgrades are for you!

New projects can be created without a separate installer. In this one-click start up, users can create projects and separate their code from different applications. Additionally, access can be controlled meaning edits cannot be made by users who do not have permission to do so.

In previous Convergence versions, users were required to select multiple templates and scripts for each deployment and export them into multiple files. We’ve removed that and replaced it with a new Project-level capability that allows a single Project-level file to include all templates and scripts making deployments quick and easy.

Multiple projects? No problem. Quickly switch between projects from the new selection list in the upper right corner.

Security Enhancements

Our main priority is to ensure our technology is up to date with security standards. Below is an overview of a few of the latest updates:

  • OAuth2 support is now available
  • 2019 libraries certified to pass all of the latest OWASP dependency analyses
  • Spring security has been updated to a newer version
  • CSRF security has been increased on the Convergence Console pages

Important: Compatibility Information

Please review the full release notes to view all of the new updates and important compatibility information regarding the 2019 release.

As always, please reach out to our support team at 877-874-6479 if you have any questions.