Trinisys Partners with FairWarning

Brentwood, TN – November 19, 2019 – Trinisys®, a leading provider of legacy system archival and data migration solutions and FairWarning®, an industry-leading provider of data protection and governance for electronic health records (EHRs) and hundreds of other applications, announced their strategic partnership to integrate Trinisys’ ClearView LAS (Legacy Archive Solution) with FairWarning technology.

FairWarning monitors over 8,500 facilities using a variety of products and services to help organizations achieve a higher level of success in reducing patient privacy breaches and inappropriate accesses.

ClearView LAS is designed to decommission legacy systems by archiving and migrating historical data and placing it into a single viewer that is directly embedded into the organization’s current EHR system. Along with other functionalities, ClearView LAS audits all interactions made by users. With the FairWarning Ready partnership, this audit data can now be integrated into FairWarning’s system, which is constantly being monitored by its team.

This partnership has opened many doors for consumers and will help healthcare organizations reduce the costs of having multiple legacy systems while also being proactive about managing security-related incidents through a streamlined, fully-integrated process.

About Trinisys

Trinisys, 2019 NTC Technology Company of the Year, is a leading provider of enterprise data migration, integration, normalization, and web application solutions for healthcare and other major industries. Trinisys has over 16 years of experience perfecting rapid and reliable custom software implementations that convert, connect, and combine data to automate manual processes, extend existing systems and develop web solutions that improve processes and optimize resources. Trinisys connects systems to systems and people to systems. For more information about Trinisys, visit

About FairWarning

FairWarning helps healthcare, financial services, and other organizations establish a culture of security, privacy, and compliance to expand trust with their patients, investors, and customers. FairWarning’s patented cloud-based platform simplifies the full lifecycle of privacy and insider security incident management and helps those in highly regulated industries more easily detect, investigate, mitigate and remediate improper user access or behavior. With its Patient Privacy Intelligence and FairWarning for Cloud Security offerings, FairWarning helps satisfy key regulatory requirements across multiple industries and localities, including GDPR, PCI, SOX, and HIPAA. And FairWarning’s Managed Privacy Services enhances the protection of patient data with a team of healthcare privacy and security experts that function as an extension of the customer’s team. For more information on FairWarning, visit