Trinisys Announces Release of ClearView Platform as a Service (PaaS)

(Brentwood, TN) March 3, 2020 – Trinisys, a market leader in enterprise data migration, integration and workflow automation announced its most recent offering of platform as a service (PaaS) allowing customers to access, develop, test, run, and oversee the management of the ClearView Legacy Data Archive Solution.

With ClearView PaaS, Trinisys is enabling customers to eliminate the complexities associated with utilizing custom and/or one-off applications as well as the necessary infrastructure associated with each application.

ClearView PaaS provides the technology framework and associated automation, including process definitions, that can be leveraged as an initial starting point reducing project duration and cost. The Trinisys PaaS solution is allowing customers to control the application environment as well as enable flexibility that will bring greater efficiency and project success.

The Trinisys PaaS solution is comprised of many components that deliver significant benefits to organizations.


  • Development Framework – Scalable, highly-available container framework that allows development teams to build upon existing tools and automation for proper application utilization.
  • Dashboards to monitor conversion activities and testing
  • Advanced ETL (Extract / Transform / Load) tools to make quick work of data conversions whether they be from relational databases, extract files, or mainframes
  • Out of the box converters for a multitude of image and document file formats
  • Process definitions for a myriad of source systems and scenarios
  • Connectors for enterprise systems – EMRs, Access Control, Security Auditing
  • Additional Services


  • Reduced coding time – Existing development tools dramatically decrease the time spent in coding new applications as well as integration requirements for additional workflow, directory services, and security.
  • Application lifecycle support – ClearView PaaS enables application development, testing, deployment, management, and updates within a single, fully-integrated software environment.
  • Full project integration – Making both technology and support services available enables clients to leverage PaaS based solutions.
  • Distributed development support – New and exponential capability enablement eliminates dependence on narrow development skillsets.
  • Organizational Cost Reduction – ClearView PaaS components save organizations money by eliminating the need to hire additional personnel to develop and maintain the infrastructure, and by eliminating the cost of the hardware and software required to develop the desired application.

About Trinisys

Trinisys, 2019 NTC Technology Company of the Year, is a leading provider of enterprise data migration, integration, normalization, and workflow automation. Proven in some of the largest healthcare settings, Trinisys has over 15 years of experience perfecting rapid and reliable custom software solutions that reduce organizational cost, improve quality, and ensure security and compliance while enabling staff productivity. Trinisys connects systems to systems and people to systems. For more information, please visit