Promise Made, Promise Kept

In April, in an effort to ease the COVID-19 anxiety and show great commitment to our team, Trinisys’ senior management took the pledge not to lay off any employees during the coronavirus pandemic. As Nashville enters Phase Three, we are so proud to announce that a promise made is a promise kept.

The entire leadership team has been amazed by the response from all of our employees, and we are grateful for all of their hard work and for them continuing to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

“We know working from home is a major adjustment for not only our employees but also for their families, however, they have shown us that they are extremely capable of doing this, which is why we have been measured in our plans for reopening of the office,” says Antoine Agassi, CEO, Trinisys. “We recognize their continued contributions, professionalism, and positive attitudes and could not be any prouder of this Team.”

Trinisys has been fortunate to work alongside channel partners and have wonderful customers who are dedicated to improving the quality and delivery of patient care, increasing organizational efficiency, and making a difference during this challenging time.

Trinisys is grateful for continuous strong growth of our products and services, and we would like to say “thank you” to our customers, as we remain fully engaged and committed to exceeding expectations.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Project Manager or contact us.