Trinisys and AMSURG Present at the Nashville Analytics Summit

Intelligent Data Integration with Convergence

Chris Bybee, Vice President of Software Development, partnered with AMSURG’s Chad Porter, Vice President of Analytics and BI, to present at this year’s Nashville Analytics Summit. Together, the two discussed the ongoing Digital Health project and the intelligent data integration between AMSURG’s 260 ambulatory surgical centers and 66 anesthesia entities utilizing Trinisys’ Convergence platform.

Convergence, Trinisys’ flagship workflow automation and data integration platform, is used in the healthcare, insurance, financial services, and State Medicaid programs to connect disparate systems and people to improve operations and drive efficiency. With vast experience in over 185 practice management systems, Convergence excels at removing repetitive tasks, streamlining multisystem workflows, and providing transparency to the process.

For AMSURG, Trinisys was able to design and build an on-premise Digital Health solution to enable a quick turnaround of transaction-level billing and health data extracts along with the rapid deployment of billing extract processes to AMSURG’s centers. Trinisys’ Digital Health solution leverages the Convergence platform and existing system integration efforts to convert, connect, and combine data, so AMSURG facilities can successfully manage/exchange data, document, and demonstrate results. The Digital Health solution has greatly increased operational inefficiencies, reporting capabilities, and established a uniform information governance structure to ensure quality patient outcomes across AMSURG’s centers.

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