Digital Health – What is it?

Digital health is a simple term – using and incorporating a broad range of technologies (wearables, health information systems, telemedicine, etc.) into the healthcare space that can be connected and communicating with each other to:

  • Improve comprehensive data availability
  • Improve quality of outcomes of patient care and services
  • Address health disparities
  • Eliminate functional gaps from existing data sources
  • Improve data access
  • Enable population health
  • Improved patient experience
  • Improve physician and other non-physician provider experience
  • Improve staff productivity

Trinisys hears about a variety of organizational inefficiencies every day, and they are often due to disparate systems not being able to communicate or work with each other, health information not being able to be shared or accessed across the organization or at a corporate level, etc. It has been reported that more than 70% of hospitals reported challenges with exchanging data across different vendor platforms. If any of this sounds like challenges your organization faces, chances are that you need to implement a digital health solution.

When searching for organizations to implement a digital health solution, it is important to look at the details of each product or tool being offered. With digital health being so broad, many companies zero in on a specific area whether that be medical devices connecting with electronic health records, data being able to be shared across the organization and disparate entities, data accessibility, etc.

Trinisys’ Digital Health and Analytics Plug-in focuses on automating and connecting electronic health records, data analytics and intelligence tools, and various other health information systems. The plug-in is designed to digitally transform the entire organization’s healthcare ecosystem by removing the technological burdens associated with managing and exchanging data. The digital health solution utilizes Trinisys’ existing system integrations libraries, data translation tools, and automated workflow capabilities to provide system connectors, workflows, and custom actions that have been proven to deliver powerful capabilities that clinical teams can utilize to seamlessly connect various departments to numerous systems quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the Digital Health and Analytics Plug-in has the ability to pull data from individual facilities at a corporate level, allowing organizations to retire specific systems.

If your organization is looking to implement a digital health solution, visit our website, or talk to our subject matter experts to see how Trinisys can assist.

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