Our Most Powerful Platform to Date is Now Available

We are proud to announce that Convergence 2021 is now available and is the fastest, most secure, and most user-friendly platform to date!

Trinisys prides itself on its ability to create market-leading technology and provide its customers with continuous updates and improvements to help their organization stay ahead of the game. Convergence is designed to accelerate development and improve performance, making it the ideal tool for organizations looking to securely address interoperability and integration initiatives.

Trinisys Convergence has enabled clients to digitally transform their organization by building solutions that aggregate, consolidate, and present data; automate business processes and workflows; connect disparate systems; extend the capabilities of existing investments. With an integration library of over 200 systems and its broad range of capabilities, the multi-faceted platform can help any organization modernize internal processes, eliminate any inefficiencies, and customize data prioritization and presentation with detailed reporting functionality.

Security and compliance remain top of mind at Trinisys; therefore, Convergence receives regular security scans and updates to harden the platform against vulnerabilities and malicious exploits. Convergence 2021 is equipped with the latest security standards and efficient multi-factor authentication capabilities that can integrate with User Groups and Active Directory groups. Additionally, the platform allows role-based password configuration policies and provides an enhanced security log that shows all user activity including logins, views, and actions.

Convergence is backed with a powerful integration engine that has recently undergone performance enhancements and I/O optimizations to ensure fast and secure transactions. A few of Convergence’s features include:

  • Advanced Project System that allows developers to work on multiple applications from the same Convergence instance without mixing assets
  • Robust Script Editor includes a library of global functions, macros, data source variables, new and updated actions, copy and paste functionality, and streamable results sets help developers accelerate custom web application development while supporting complex automation workflows
  • Updated project prototypes and a new demo app showcase numerous scripting and action features that help to reduce testing times and ensure a seamless end-user experience
  • Streamlined document management capabilities integrate with various repositories, systems, and databases to solve integration hurdles and capture real-time data
  • Detailed reporting capabilities aggregate and display data in various formats and graphs that can be added to custom dashboards

Although Trinisys can create custom applications based on any organizational needs, Convergence’s mature toolset and modular re-usable components enable Trinisys to create unique products while reducing development times. Applications include Custom and Digital Health Dashboards, Data Aggregation with Convergence, Medicaid Member Document Management and Digital Health Services, Medicaid Contract Compliance Reporting System, and more.

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For subscribers and accounts with active software maintenance, streamlined upgrades are now available for versions 2017.14 and above. More details, as well as links to the installer and updater executables, are available online here: