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Centerstone is a leading national, not-forprofit provider of community-based behavioral healthcare. They offer a full range of mental health services, including substance abuse treatment and intellectual and developmental disabilities services. With an employee count of more than a thousand, the Human Resources department required a more streamlined process for the onboarding of new hires.

Powered by the Convergence platform. Centerstone transitioned from paper-based HR forms and Excel spreadsheet content to an online form capturing the same data digitally with the Connect solution. With Connect, Centerstone was able to link the data directly to their backend systems, eliminating dual data entry and allows for real-time data integration. In addition, Trinisys updated the Centerstone workflow process allowing the organization to store the data in a backend system for historical purposes. Moving to a paperless HR process has saved the organization time, effort and reduced the turnaround time to respond to new hires.