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For more than a decade, Cogent Hospitalist Management Group has been at the forefront of the hospital medicine sector, driven by a mission to relentlessly improve the efficiency and quality of inpatient care in our nation’s hospitals. Today, Cogent HMG is the nation’s largest private hospitalist and intensivist company, offering hospitals a proven System of Care™ that has fueled their growth and led to engagements with more than 100 hospitals across the country.

Based in Brentwood, Tennessee, it partners with nearly 1,000 hospitalists and other providers in more than 100 healthcare facilities across the country. These hospitals count on their team of seasoned physician and healthcare leaders to develop and manage high-performing hospitalist and intensivist programs that are built to support skilled physicians with a coordinated clinical care team, technology and operational infrastructure, data-driven processes, rigorous ongoing training and experienced leadership. The results: better outcomes and lower cost.


By nature, Cogent HMG devotes significant resources to physician credentialing, and the company is diligent in its efforts to manage the process as efficiently and effectively as possible. Traditionally credentialing is a paper-intensive process, one that demands applicants, recruiters and contractors to list the same information over and over again, resulting in data entry errors and inefficiencies. Cogent’s recruiters would spend close to a month from the start of the interview and screening process to the end of the process with the physician’s signature in hand. Often stuck waiting at different parts of the process on the completion of paper forms and losing valuable time, Cogent HMG knew it needed a better solution. A solution that would integrate with Microsoft Sharepoint, Symed, and other existing systems as well as create a streamlined work ow and energize their current processes. That is where Trinisys came in.