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HCA’s Computer Assisted Coding Department (CAC) is tasked with a critical job; ensuring that the diagnostic classification specified by the hospital is matched correctly with the code to ensure billing consistency and accuracy. This important reimbursement process involves multiple data formats including; standard healthcare codes, doctor’s notes, discharge notes, claims, and billing codes. All data must be translated into standard ICD-10 format in order to maximize reimbursement.

Powered by Convergence, the Combine Solution supports ongoing system-to-system data combinations. Combine bridges the gap between systems to keep the data flowing smoothly between or within an organization. For this coding data translation effort, Trinisys Combine filled an HL7 integration gap and extracted the data from printed discharge notes, generated HL7 from the extracts, and then delivered the HL7 to natural language processing software for ICD 10 coding review per HCA standards.

Program specifics:

  • Meditech to Horizon integration based on HL7
  • Discharge reports converted to HL7 for delivery Optum for natural language processing and then on to Horizon.
  • A daily reconciliation report enabled administrative staff to monitor data flow and identify exceptions.