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At its founding in 1968, Nashville-based HCA was one of the nation’s first hospital companies. Today, they are the nation’s leading provider of healthcare services, a company comprised of locally managed facilities that includes about 163 hospitals and 110 freestanding surgery centers in 20 states and England and employing approximately 200,000 people. Approximately four to five percent of all inpatient care delivered in the country today is provided by HCA facilities.

HCA is committed to the care and improvement of human life and strives to deliver high quality, cost effective healthcare in the communities they serve. Building on the foundation provided by their Mission & Values, HCA puts patients first and works to constantly improve the care they give them by implementing measures that support their caregivers, help ensure patient safety and provide the highest possible quality.

The Human Resources Information Systems team at HCA is tasked with various projects, one of the largest being the tracking of employee health data. Using the Lawson HR Payroll platform, HCA previously implemented a process to track influenza vaccinations for all 200,000 HCA employees across the U.S. Since then, based on the recommendations and requirements from the Center for Disease Control, HCA mandated that every position, whether volunteer, student, doctor, independent licensed practitioners, etc. must receive the flu shot if they were in a direct patient care responsibility role. HCA wanted to pro-actively reduce episodes or incidents of healthcare workers passing the flu onto patients. If the flu shot was refused by a current or non- HCA employee, they needed to track that response, along with reasons why and require that individual to wear a mask when within 6 feet of a patient. In total, this change required tracking over 400,000 individuals across the country.

HCA needed a solution to extend the existing Lawson system with an efficient way to record the influenza vaccination data for all workers, both HCA and non-HCA employees and then pass that data into their Lawson central database for community health reporting. While many options were considered, the question still remained: How could they most efficiently collect information and store it in their current system? That is where Trinisys came in.

The solution that Trinisys provided was delivered in a rapid timeframe and offered us exactly what we needed to complete this project.
Cindy Moore

Senior HR Learning Specialist