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Trinisys is one of the key technologies transforming document management at Podiatry Insurance Company of America.

In 2005, Podiatry Insurance Company of America (PICA), the leading provider of professional liability insurance for podiatric physicians in the US, undertook a major effort to streamline its forms processing system. The two technology pillars of its plan were the Trinisys™ Data Entry System and Hyland’s OnBase® for document management.

PICA installed the OnBase imaging system first. They found that, though searching for document images in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system was much more efficient than pulling paper files from cabinets, imaging alone did not improve the data entry process. In many instances, business processing from images was more cumbersome than working from paper. PICA needed a way to streamline data capture and automate the associated manual procedures.

Processing applications, renewals, and claims required many steps – all manual.

  1. Data entry into the line-of-business application
  2. Generating correspondence
  3. Updating the marketing database

Renewals: From 20 minutes to 2 minutes using Trinisys On-Image Data Entry™

Policy renewals processing was the first thing Trinisys helped PICA transform. Each policy has to be renewed annually, and entering the data from the renewal questionnaire took 20 minutes per insured. Because there are seasonal surges in renewal volume, trained policy owner services personnel had to work overtime during busy seasons.

The Trinisys On-Image Data Entry™ interface lets PICA capture data from scanned or faxed renewal forms. The data is then passed to the integration engine, which automatically updates the line-of-business application (Oasis).

This change has had three important benefits:

  1. Eliminating manual entry into Oasis reduced the time to enter a renewal questionnaire from 20 minutes to 2 minutes.
  2. Renewal processing is much more consistent now, and data integrity has been improved.
  3. Entering the renewals using the On-Image Data Entry™ interface is simple enough to be performed by unskilled workers, freeing up skilled employees to focus on customer service.

“Not only has Trinisys helped us gain efficiencies in our process,” said PICA Senior Project Manager Beth Hoeg,

“They have also enabled PICA to implement consistent processes. The same rules are now applied to all policies during the renewal verification process, helping PICA validate that our policyholders have the correct coverage.”