Trinisys Q4 2012 Software Release Notes


This document is a reference for the items that were updated during the latest release of the Trinisys Business Automation Platform. The updates listed in this document are grouped by product/component.  Installation information is available upon request.

Release Date

4th Quarter 2012

Version Summary

  • Trinisys Server 4.0
  • Web Development Platform 1.4.0
  • Form Extension Actions 3.7.0
  • Document Generation 3.4.0
  • SharePoint Integration 1.1.0
  • OnBase Integration 3.2.5
  • HL7 Integration 1.1.0
  • Custom JS 1.1.0




Trinisys Server – Publisher

  • TDES937 – Fixed issue that allowed actions to be configured or updated with a blank name
  • TDES1179 – Fixed issue that allowed disabled actions to still execute when the publish script has a save point in it
  • TDES1205 – Publisher now allows for more complex variable replacement
  • TDES1206 – Existing and custom publisher actions can now use the new variable replacement update
  • TDES1207 – Set variable publisher action now has an advanced mode that allows for nested variable replacement
  • TDES1208 – Existing publisher scripts can now optionally be upgraded to use the new variable replacement scheme
  • TDES1239 – Publisher now allows for environment variables to be exported as a complete or partial list
  • TDES1241 – Fixed issue that allowed previous group item values to be retained when iterating over a group using the “for-each” publisher actions
  • TDES1267 – Updated the PublishSession.getFile to use the ParsingUtil to get the “place holder name” for the File Variable

Trinisys Server – Administrative Console

  • TDES1108 – Fixed issue that caused the Configure Server application to crash when a PATH environment variable contains invalid paths or empty segments
  • TDES1198 – Fixed issue that prevented the history cleanup task from deleting media when only configured to delete form’s media

Custom JS 1.1.0

  • CUSTJS1 – Form data lookup JavaScript control now has post rendering JavaScript callback
  • CUSTJS2 – Fixed issue in web form notes that caused the note tooltip to not display in the proper position in some browsers
  • CUSTJS3 – Fixed issue in web form notes that caused the note text to not display in some browsers

Trinisys Server – Installers

  • TDES1210 – New Trinisys Server updater to update existing installations of Trinisys Server versions 3.5.3 and 3.5.4 to Trinisys Server 4.0

Trinisys Image Monitor

  • TDES1258 – Fixed issue with Image Monitor to preserve the file extension of the file when configured to not do conversion

Trinisys Server – Client API

  • TDES1259 – Fixed issue with the Java Client API that caused it not to save the source file path of the media/image of the form when creating/saving/publishing forms

Trinisys Server – Template Editor/Web Forms

  • TDES1132 – Fixed issue in Template Editor that prevented multi-line fields from having a field dependency defined for them
  • TDES1135 – Text fields that have a numbers-only constraint now force only numbers as the user types versus validating after the web form is published
  • TDES1151 – Web Forms now properly hide/show asterisks on required dependent fields based upon the settings in the style sheet
  • TDES1192 – Template Editor web form preview scroll position stays the same when updating fields
  • TDES1196 – Web Forms JavaScript API now has a method that supports changing the template description
  • TDES1197 – Web Forms JavaScript API now supports custom error messages at the field level
  • TDES1245 – Web Forms rendering engine has been completely redesigned. HTML rendered is 100% W3C standards compliant and now supports HTML5 and its feature set.
  • TDES1246 – New Web Forms JavaScript API that allows looking up of form field groups by name, ability to hide/show those groups, ability to hide and show the group’s label and update its label text

Web Development Platform 1.4.0

  • SWAT143 – Fixed issue in multi-page form framework that was causing the user to land on a blank page if, during multi-page navigation, the “to” destination page had been removed. If this scenario occurs now the framework will land the user on the previous page of the multi-page form.
  • SWAT149 – Now web response and web session actions can be used inside of a traditional web form publish script. Web Development Platform web response no longer requires “success” and “error” URLs as these are now automatically handled by the platform framework.
  • SWAT153 – Fixed URL encoding issue caused by the Web Development Platform response action assembling the multi-page form URL. The URL is now properly being assembled by the platform framework.
  • SWAT156 – New Web Development Platform updater to migrate earlier versions to the latest 1.4.0 version
  • SWAT168 – Updated the Web Development Platform ‘AddUrlToChecksum’ custom action to be more of a general URL utility action. This action now supports adding checksums to a platform URL and/or platform authentication token.
  • SWAT175 – Updated the “for…in” array loops to be “for” loops

Form Extension Actions 3.7.0

  • FORMEXT8 – GetFormGroup Form Extension action can now be used with a “for-each” action to iterate over a group in a different form
  • FORMEXT13 – Fixed issue in the RemoveTDESObject Form Extension action that was causing the publish script to error out even if it was configured to ignore missing media
  • FORMEXT14 – Fixed issue in MultiPageDeletePage Form Extension action that was preventing a delete page’s form to not be removed from Trinisys Server
  • FORMEXT15 – New Form Extension Actions installer to require Trinisys Server 4.0

HL7 Integration 1.1.0

  • HL3 – New updater to migrate earlier HL7 versions to the latest 1.1.0 version


  • Trinisys Server – Publisher
  • Trinisys Image Monitor
  • Trinisys Server – Administrative Console
  • Trinisys Server – Template Editor
  • Trinisys Server – Web Forms
  • JavaScript
  • Web Development Platform
  • Form Extension Actions
  • Document Generation
  • SharePoint Integration
  • OnBase Integration
  • HL7 Integration
  • Custom JS