Trinisys Welcomes MICA Health

There is exciting news to share as MICA Health, which has provided healthcare data archiving and migration of ambulatory clinical data since 2013, has been acquired by Trinisys, a leading provider of enterprise data captures, data integration and web application solutions for the healthcare industry.

The speed and scale of the merger and acquisition activity in healthcare, together with the replacement of EHR systems, has accelerated the need for data migration services. But as costs rise with the complexity and sheer amount of data points, decision-makers are challenged in how much and what data they can retain. The combined companies now have the capability to meet the data archival and migration needs of most of the healthcare industry.

MICA’s expertise in harvesting clinical data from a myriad of ambulatory EHRs, coupled with the enterprise capabilities of the Trinisys ClearViewHRV® (Historical Record Viewer) solution, is an unbeatable combination for our customers. We invite you to learn more about ClearView to discover easy and secure access to historical data.


For healthcare organizations looking to decommission clinical applications and securely move historical clinical data to an on premise or cloud hosted solution, the combined MICA Health and Trinisys team is the preferred choice.

MICA Health customers remain a vital component to the merged company’s success, and we look forward to personally detailing how this news will benefit each of you. In the meantime, if you have any questions at all, please call Michael Justice directly at 305-799-0990.