Trinisys Releases Two Fully Stacked Solutions

(Brentwood, TN) February 10, 2021 – Trinisys, a leading provider of workflow automation and enterprise data integration, is pleased to announce the release of two new fully stacked software solutions:

For over 17 years, Trinisys has been delivering reliable, market leading technology solutions that enable organizations to successfully transform their businesses. The two solutions support those efforts by removing departmental and system barriers, siloed data, administrative burdens, and cumbersome manual tasks to deliver high-quality patient care.

“This is an exciting time in the healthcare industry as interoperability has become one of the largest challenges and priorities across the market. With Trinisys’ deep knowledge and over 17 years of experience with over 185 practice management systems around the country, Trinisys has been able to develop and deliver software solutions that transform the way hospitals and health systems operate,” says Antoine Agassi, CEO, Trinisys. “Our two most recent offerings, Patient Financial Services and Practice Management Solutions and the Digital Health and Analytics Plug-in have proven to significantly improve how systems and data are utilized and exchanged across the entire healthcare ecosystem. You will see that these two solutions are market disrupters in the healthcare space.”

Patient Financial Services and Practice Management Solutions Powered by ClearView

Expanding on the functionality of Trinisys’ legacy archive solution, ClearView, Patient Financial Services and Practice Management Solutions enable organizations to decommission legacy financial systems and work down outstanding accounts receivable. Often, when a new financial system goes live, organizations pay to support and maintain the legacy systems due to the data not being migrated to the new system. This is not only expensive but unnecessary. Trinisys captures the historic billing data and places it into the “single source of truth” for the organization.

The Patient Financial Services and Practice Management Solutions are just as flexible as they are cost efficient and are offered in multiple tiers to satisfy the needs of all organizations.

The first tier, Capstone Patient Financial Archive, is a static, multi-page PDF archive and is our most basic and economic offering that includes the key elements necessary to respond to audit and release of information requests. The Capstone Patient Financial Archive includes:

  • Face Sheets
  • Statements (Charges, Payments, and Adjustments)
  • Report of Billing Notes
  • Correspondence that has been archived in the system, i.e. scanned images
  • 837 and 835 X12 Transactions Associated with an Encounter
  • UB04 and HCFA1500

The second tier, Capstone with Static Ledger, is best suited for organizations that have the objective of responding to audit requests, as well as having the ability to perform an analysis on all historical encounter details. Static Ledger includes everything mentioned in the Capstone Patient Financial Archive plus discrete data at the patient line level, so organizations can use

the data for reporting and analysis. Static Ledger leverages historical information for payer agreement dialogues and helps gain an understanding of historical trends per payer, diagnosis, or procedure.

The top tier, Capstone with Active Ledger is a fully stacked solution best suited for organizations that need to manage legacy accounts receivable. This solution is perfect for working down legacy receivables, coordinating third-party collection agencies, and posting remittances. Active Ledger includes everything from Capstone Patient Financial Archive and Static Ledger and allows for the manual posting of payments, adjustments, and notes, as well as the importing and exporting of collection agency files. The necessary tools for basic A/R management are also available with the ability to export to Excel for further analysis.

The Digital Health and Analytics Plug-in Enabled by Trinisys

The Digital Health and Analytics Plug-in is a unique offering that leverages the mature and complex functionalities of Trinisys’ Convergence platform to deliver a user-friendly solution that is armed with powerful capabilities to seamlessly connect clinical teams to various departments, entities, and data sources quickly and efficiently.

With the Digital Health and Analytics Plug-in, customers are able to successfully manage and exchange data, as well as document, and demonstrate results to improve care coordination, clinical team transitions, patient care, and outcomes by accessing comprehensive patient profiles, quickly and securely. The robust plug-in supports population health initiatives by pulling patient data from data lakes and warehouses and making it available to providers at the point of care. Additionally, the digital health solution contains platform-level security and advanced end-to-end audit capabilities to ensure data is secure and user activity is accounted for. Click here to see the Digital Health and Analytics Plug-in in action.

About Trinisys

Founded in 2004 and privately owned, Trinisys is a Nashville-based technology company that serves hundreds of clients in over 26 states. A 2019 NTC Technology Company of the Year, Trinisys is a leading provider of enterprise data migration, integration, normalization, and workflow automation whose software solutions have proven to materially improve its clients’ operations. Convergence, its flagship workflow automation and data integration platform, is used in healthcare, insurance, financial services, and State Medicaid programs to connect disparate systems and people to improve operations and drive efficiency. Convergence excels at removing repetitive tasks, streamlining multi-system workflows, and providing transparency to the process. Because of the unique needs of healthcare provider organizations, the ClearView product suite was created to address the growing need for a reliable, vendor-neutral platform to archive and migrate clinical, operational, and financial data. ClearView solutions are based upon the foundation of the robust Convergence platform for data conversions and data archival for the enterprise hospital and health system market. For more information about Trinisys and its solutions, please visit